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Unveil the First and Ever HEPA + Plasma Decorative Island Hood

Unveil the First and Ever HEPA + Plasma Decorative Island Hood

In celebrating Ciarra's second anniversary this year, the brand is about to launch an innovative high-tech island cooker hood for the modern kitchen. It is a smart island cooker hood, an air purifier, and a functional art deco. Let's go through this 3-in-1 intelligent island cooker hood with leading technologies.

The Revolutionary 3-in-1 Cooker Hood

The Red Dot Award-winning product Ciarra INFINITY Island cooker hoods are nothing like you have ever seen. The Ciarra INFINITY has an energy-efficient motor with a maximum suction power of 700m3/h and a low running noise of only 65dBA. 

Ciarra INFINITY can bring your design ideas to life with its customizable outer shell. Imagine having a custom-made art deco to meet your personal preferences and match your home decoration.

In addition to its customizable shell, it features the Plasma+ System and H13 HEPA technology. Use the dishwasher-safe 8-layers mesh stainless steel grease filter when cooking. On the other hand, when using it as an air purifier, simply switch to the H13 HEPA filter.

First and Ever Plasma and HEPA Combined Air Purifying Cooker Hood 

No challenge is too big for Ciarra Appliances! Ciarra's R&D team has tested and successfully combined Plasma+ System and HEPA technology into one smart kitchen appliance designed to provide customers with a better air and cooking experience. H13 HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. The Plasma+ System is a revolutionary innovation in household kitchen appliances; it is a leading technology in the industry. Its ultimate goal is to completely discompose any grease, smoke and harmful molecules without leaving any residuals on the Plasma+. 

The Ciarra INFINITY island cooker hood effectively reduces air contaminants that might cause asthma and allergies. Also, Ciarra pursues to achieve grease-free and extend the longevity of Plasma+ to become a lifetime product.

Fascinating Red Dot Winning Decorative Hood

The practical and sturdy cooker hood integrates high-tech and modernist quality design; Ciarra draws design inspiration from architecture and modern arts, making the Ciarra INFINITY an extraordinary product that won the Red Dot Design Award. In addition, the adjustable cable length perfectly matches the height of your ceiling. 

You will get total control when using the Ciarra INFINITY as a decorative lamp. You can choose different colours between various scenarios for individual light aesthetics, or you can adjust the brightness to the specific needs of each application. No matter warm and bright or dim and cosy, Ciarra INFINITY will be a chic and glamorous statement for your kitchen. It can generate both an evocative overall atmosphere and dramatic lighting effects. 

The Ciarra INFINITY offers versatile possibilities: while it creates striking visual effects in your kitchen as an individual luminaire, it attracts all eyes as an ensemble.

Everything at Your Fingertips

The Ciarra INFINITY features 3-speed levels with a boost function to suit your needs with a maximum suction power of 700m³/h and a low running noise of only 65dBA. Thanks to the energy-efficient motor, it can easily remove large amounts of smoke and cooking odours in the kitchen, providing you with enhanced extraction power while reducing noise levels and energy costs.

Whether it's through the touch control panel or the Smart Life app, users can easily have full access to the cooker hood. With the sensitive touch control panel, you can choose different levels of suction power to keep your kitchen clean from simmer to grill. Also, you can connect the Ciarra INFINITY to your cell phones via Wi-Fi, thus impressed by its intuitive functionality, and enjoy the time preparing delicious meals for your family and friends.

Shop at Ciarra Appliances Today

Ciarra Appliances wishes to provide a customized experience with modern designs and premium-quality products. The brand continuously incorporates the present trends in its products to stay relevant among its competitors. The products are designed to build a deeper connection with the customers as they are the end-users.

Ciarra wishes to re-introduce cooking to you with the right kitchen appliances. Therefore, their intuitive and efficient products aim to motivate individuals to get more involved in cooking with their loved ones and reignite their passion for cooking. Ciarra strives to deliver a client-centric customer services experience and provides a 24-month warranty (which can be extended) and a cooperative refund policy. Check the website for more information about products and sustainability protocols. 

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