About Us

Brand Story

Cooking can be a messy and stressful chore, which is why a lot of people don't like to spend time in the kitchen and lose their passion for cooking.

Ciarra sees it all and thinks ahead to deliver more pleasant cooking experiences for every member of the family. From the high-performance product lines to the user-friendly designs; Ciarra always has solution for you. Ciarra is a professional kitchen appliance brand and we believe cooking at home should be convenient and enjoyable. Our easy-to-use induction cooktop and oven will give you total control over the temperature of your food so overcooking or undercooking is no longer a problem. Our range hood is so effective that when you have a party where you fry, cook, roast, none of the odors linger around your guests, just the great food and fun memories.

With Ciarra, you can be a part-time chef for your family and friends; Ciarra promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that can bring delight to every detail of the cooking experience. Whatever you need in the kitchen, big or small, Ciarra provides you with a better selection. Ciarra cares, Ciarra delivers superior appliances in innovative ways.

Brand Positioning

Cooking at home could be convenient and pleasant, with Ciarra the professional home appliances brand, you will have easy-to-use experience with satisfying result to enjoy the quality time with your family and friends because we intensely focused on your needs to detangle the frustrations at kitchen.

About Us

Our team has over 20 years of experiences in the kitchen appliance industry, Ciarra has a vertically integrated production line, we have full control from design to manufacturing. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority and we value each individual feedback from our customer. CIARRA believes that a sustainable lifestyle is very important for our community and planet, also we should cherish each moment that we spend with our family and friends. Hopefully CIARRA can re-introduce cooking to you, with the right kitchen appliances CIARRA can light up your passion for cooking, so you can share the joy & satisfying result with your family and friends.