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Ciarra ONE

To meet the perfect marriage between hood and hob and to get rid of odour from where it is produced.

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Ciarra Heat Pumb

The efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

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This artwork combines three functions in one: a powerful range hood, decorative light, and air purifier.

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Ciarra Sustainability

Ciarra is doing our part to reduce waste and promote SusGreenable lifestyle.

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Explore PRO MAX Series👉

Our design philosophy is inspired by the world around us. We create beautiful, harmoniouse products that match your lifestyle.

Our user-friendly appliances are intuitive and simple, streamlining your kitchen experience and allowing you to focus on the things in life that truly matter.

Customer Comments

"Nice and robust product finish. Classic home use.
Very good suction power.
Overall quite a good product."

September 11, 2023

"Very fast delivery, no problems. Assembly is very simple. Works great, nothing to shout about."

14 August,  2023

"No more annoying/strong smells!This is a great product, lightweightdesign, in short, we all approve it!!!"

11 August,  2023

" lt is a good device that can also beused when making a griddle, it isportable and can be used in amotorhome or other such as asmall studio. "

 26 July, 2023

" lt is ideal for anyone like me, withan open kitchen, who lovescooking (strong odors are nolonger a problem), and whodoesn't have much space in theirkitchen. "

 10 July, 2023

" Great value for money and unlikeother reviews the fan is not noisy.You don't even notice it whencooking. Love the sliding control.Thoroughly recommend."

22 May, 2023

" Works great. Easy to install. Plenty of headroom ( This extractor replaced one we were always bumping our heads on). "

22 March, 2023

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