Understanding Heat Pumps

Efficient and climate-friendly heating

Heat pumps are the most modern of all types of heating. They offer an efficient and environmentally friendly means of heating that essentially makes you independent of fossil fuels. Learn all about heat pumps in our comprehensive guide.


Understanding Heat Pumps

Efficient and climate-friendly heating

Heat pumps are the most modern of all types of heating. They offer an efficient and environmentally friendly means of heating that essentially makes you independent of fossil fuels. Learn all about heat pumps in our comprehensive guide.


Table of contents

01. What is Heat Pump

02. Here we present you with the Ciarra R290 DC motor heat pump

03. How does it work?

04. Our Services

05. FAQ

06. SusGreenable Mission

07. Cost


The Magic of Ciarra Air to Water Heat Pump with DC Motor

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the heart of a vast forest, lived a young girl named Lily. She lived in a small cottage with her mother, father, and her little brother. Her parent were farmers, during each winter, her parents need to chop lots of the firewood so that their family can have enough heating supplies to survive the winter.

One day, a merchant came to their village selling the latest technology of heating systems which caught the attention of Lily's father. The merchant demonstrated the Ciarra Air to Water Heat Pump with DC Motor which could convert air into water. Lily's father was fascinated by the technology and bought the heat pump to install in their cottage.

As soon as the heat pump was installed, it started producing warm water instantly. Lily's family was amazed by the magic of the heat pump. They no longer had to chop wood or burn coal to keep their home warm.

The heat pump ran silently, and the DC motor made it energy efficient. The heat pump also had another magical quality, it never ran out of hot water. Lily's mother could now take long, warm baths without worrying about running out of hot water. Lily's little brother, who loved to play in the water, could now splash around in the bathtub without any interruptions.

The heat pump proved to be a blessing in disguise for Lily's family. They no longer had to worry about the harsh winters. The heat pump kept their home warm and cozy, making the long winter months bearable. The heat pump had a magical quality that made their lives easier and happier.

From that day on, the Ciarra Air to Water Heat Pump with DC Motor became a part of their family. It was a magical invention that brought warmth and happiness to Lily's family, and they were forever grateful for the merchant who introduced it to them.

01. What is Heat Pump

H-V-A-C... Let's break this down.

These systems are made up of a combination of magic metal boxes that make your air hotter or colder. The whole reason they exist is to keep youcomfy inside, no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

H is for Heating

The furnace is the most common source of heat. It literally uses fire tomake warm air that's blown around your home.

V is for Ventilation

Speaking of blowing, the thing that blows the air through your ductwork iscalled the blower. Kind of like your lungs, it's essential for circulating freshand comfortable air.

AC is for Aaah Chilly

Nah, just kidding. Glad you're still paying attention though. AC stands for Air Conditioning. The home's cold air is supplied by the air conditioner.

· Types of Heat Pump

02. Here We Present You With The Ciarra R290 DC Motor Heat Pump

We've Got Everything You Need.

Imagine entering your home on a clear winter evening and finding it warm and cozy. Picture yourself enjoying a refreshing shower in the middle of summer without worrying about the environmental impact of your energy consumption. This is the reality that the Ciarra R290 air-to-water heat pump with a direct current motor can bring to your home. With its innovative technology, this heat pump not only provides optimal heating and cooling performance but also does so while minimizing your ecological footprint and supporting Ciarra's SusGreenable mission. Transform your home into a sustainable oasis with the Ciarra R290 air-to-water heat pump and enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly living.

The R290 heat pump offers several attractive features. Its refrigerant is environmentally friendly and has minimal impact on the environment. Moreover, the system prevents the refrigerant from entering indoor spaces, ensuring a clean and safe atmosphere. With its reliable operation, it guarantees consistent performance and minimal downtime. The R290 system is highly efficient and energy-saving, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs. It is an all-in-one solution that provides heating, cooling, and hot water supply in a single device. The installation is easy, ensuring a seamless setup and shorter installation time. With a wide operating range from -25°C to 45°C, it operates reliably under various temperature conditions. Additionally, the system features a two-temperature zone control, allowing independent temperature regulation in two different areas or zones.

Design And Features

The color palette of Ciarra devices includes neutral and earthy tones such as black, white, and stainless steel, giving them a versatile quality that complements any home decor. The exquisite craftsmanship and Ciarra's dedication to quality are reflected in the premium materials and finishes of their products, adding subtle texture and a refined sense of opulence to your everyday life. Ciarra draws design inspiration from diverse sources, including vintage aesthetics, modern influences, and a futuristic outlook. Our products are masterfully crafted, taking into account factors such as form, color, and material to create a harmonious and elegant end product. Furthermore, the intuitive placement of buttons and controls is evidence of the brand's careful attention to user-friendliness.

CBHA-OG1V03   8kW

CBHA-OG1V03   12kW

CBHA-OG4V03   15kW

Technical Specifications Unit8kW12kW15kW
Energy Efficiency Class (Room Heating) Low Temperature A⁺⁺⁺A⁺⁺⁺A⁺⁺⁺
Energy Efficiency Class (Room Heating) Medium Temperature A⁺⁺A⁺⁺A⁺⁺
Dimensions of the Outdoor Unit (L×W×H)  mm1220×374×8841220×374×9831087×392×1447,5
Dimensions of the Indoor Unit (L×W×H)mm550×263×570550×263×570550×263×570
Weight Outdoor / Indoor kg98 / 25110 / 25145 / 25
Sound Power Level at Rated Heating Capacity (ErP)dB(A)545656
Refrigerant Type / Charge / GWP - / - / kgR290 / 0,7 / 3R290 / 0,9 / 3R290 / 1,5 / 3
A2/W35 Rated Power according to EN14511kW / -8,3 / 4,0210,6 / 3,7314,4 / 3,19
A7/W35 Rated Power according to EN14511kW / -9,5 / 4,6712,0 / 3,9316,6 / 3,98
A10/W35 Rated Power according to EN14511 kW / -9,8 / 4,8713,0 / 4,1617,9 / 4,34
A-7/W35 Rated Power according to EN14511kW / -6,3 / 3,237,9 / 2,7611,3 / 2,97

03. How does it work?

The Ciarra R290 air to water heat pump uses a refrigerant cycle to extract heat from the outdoor air and transfer it to the water, which is then circulated throughout the house via pipes and radiators, providing hot water for heating and domestic use.

04. Our Services

Effortless Experience, Every Step in Our Scope, Ciarra's One-Stop Service, Simply the Best! Ciarra provides one stop services, after you purchase your product, you can schedule our professional! service team to install the product for you.

"At Ciarra, we offer comprehensive services that include a thorough inspection of your home by our skilled technicians. Based on their assessment, we will provide you with a final quotation that includes installation fees. Once you have purchased your product, you can schedule our professional service team to install it for you."

05. Frequently Asked Question

06. SusGreenable Mission

The Ciarra heat pump has a low carbon footprint. It is designed to use renewable energy sources, such as air and water, to heat and cool spaces, making it an energy-efficient and eco-friendly solution. The heat pump can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%, resulting in significant cost savings for users while minimizing their carbon footprint. Ciarra heat pump uses the globally recognized natural refrigerant R290, which has a negligible GWP and zero ODP. This makes it an environmentally sustainable choice for users who are looking for a green alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. By using the Ciarra heat pump, customers can contribute to reducing their carbon footprint while enjoying a comfortable and sustainable indoor environment. Ciarra's SusGreenable mission is all about creating eco-friendly and sustainable products, and the Ciarra heat pump is a perfect embodiment of this mission.

07. Cost

  • When is a heat pump recommended?
  • Costs for heat pumps depend on the type of heat pump
  • Operating costs as an important cost factor
  • Reduce heat pump costs with state subsidies