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How to Choose a Cooker hood That Suits You

How to Choose a Cooker hood That Suits You

 The cooker hood is the essential appliance in the kitchen. While you make a delicious meal, it also generated a lot of cooking fumes. If you don't solve the problem of oil fume, you finish a meal, and your clothes and hair will be covered in the same oil fume smell, which cannot dissipate for a long time. More importantly, the fumes increase the difficulty of cleaning the kitchen and seriously affect the health of the human body!

The kitchen can represent the quality of life, and an easy-to-use cooker hood is essential. There are many types of cooker hoods on the market: angled cooker hood, wall mount cooker hood, built-in cooker hood, and downdraft cooker hoods; which one is better?

Objectively speaking, nothing is perfect. Each type of cooker hood has its advantages and its disadvantages. From a certain point, you need to accept its shortcomings and find the cooker hood that satisfies your most cooking needs.


Appearance is often the first thing for many people to choose a cooker hood. A cooker hood of elegant design can increase not only the style of kitchen decoration but also enhance the desire to cook.

Angled cooker hood

Most angled cooker hood, the central panel on the front is made of black tempered glass, which looks more fashionable, but the exposed sides are not pleasing to the eye, and it increases the cleaning workload, and the whole body is slightly heavy.

Built-in cooker hood & Downdraft cooker hood

These two types of cooker hoods are both hidden in the cabinet, and only the operation panel and suction area are exposed, so these cooker hoods have an excellent shape and elegant appearance. When installing, you need to pay attention to measuring the size so that the cooker hood and the cabinet can be perfectly matched so that it will look more concinnity.

Smoke extracting effect:

The smoke extraction effect is the core function of the cooker hood; also it's the most concerned and controversial point for many people. Many people have paid attention to the exhaust air volume and static pressure level. In an ideal environment, the smoke extract effect of the cooker hood mainly depends on the maximum air volume and the position of the negative pressure port. Among these types of hoods, the smoke suction port of the downdraft cooker hoods is the closest to the stove area. And closer to the stove area, the better the smoke extracting effect it has.

So theoretically speaking, the smoke extract effect is downdraft range has the best performance, but it's not always; it also depends on how high the cooker hood installs and the cooker hood suction power. And the hot oil fumes generated when cooking are spread upwards and spread around, and it is the best way to extract the fumes from above and around, and it makes the oil stains are easier to clean.

Noise level:

You cannot avoid the noise problem of the cooker hood. In addition to the quality and design of the cooker hood itself, the greater the suction power of the cooker hood, the louder it will be

In terms of experience, it's hard to say which type of cooker hood is quietest. If you are very sensitive to noise, it is better to go to the store to experience it.

The difficulty of cleaning:

The cooker hood is different from other household appliances, it must be cleaned regularly, otherwise, the smoke extract effect will be reduced. Cleaning the surface of these cooker hoods is not very different. The key is to be diligent. After cooking, use kitchen cleaning wipes or cleaning sponges to wipe them clean. The real difficulty of cleaning the cooker hood lies in the invisible place!

The cleaning of the angled cooker hood is quite simple. The baffle of the cooker hood can be disassembled, which can easily clean the stains on the grease filter and wind turbine. Just choose a good kitchen grease cleaner.

Due to the vertical design of the wall-mount cooker hood, it is necessary to keep it clean and hygienic to prevent oil stains from accumulating and dripping. After each cooking, use kitchen cleaning wipes to clean the surface of the hood and the oil stains on the grease filter. If you're a severe stir-fryer, you can disassemble it every 1 to 2 months for regular cleaning, and it is also elementary to take care of.

If you are doing some basic cleaning, the downdraft cooker hood and built-in cooker hood is relatively easy too, but if you have used them for a long time want to make a deep clean, and that is not going to be easy. Because the central part of these cooker hoods is hidden in the cabinet, they are not easy to disassemble and have many hygienic dead ends. If you want to clean it, you need to find a professional, and the maintenance cost will not be cheap.

Using experience:

The user experience mainly depends on personal living habits. Combining living habits to compare the shortcomings of these types of cooker hoods is also an essential factor for reference when purchasing.

The smoke suction port of the downdraft cooker hoods is close to the stove, and when the air extracting power is large, the stove's flame may be affected, which will cause uneven heat at the bottom of the pot. Please pay attention to turning it when cooking; otherwise, the food will likely get burnt. But it would not be a problem if you were using a flameless stove.

When using a wall-mount cooker hood, you should choose the style carefully for those who are tall. The wall-mount cooker hood has straight lines so that the sharp corners on both sides might hit your head if you are not careful, and there is a hidden safety risk.


The cooker hood is an essential electrical appliance in the kitchen, which is related to the living quality of our daily life. There is no best type of cooker hood, only the one that suits you the best. No matter which cooker hood you choose, you must know your living habits and the advantages and disadvantages of various cooker hoods to choose a cooker hood that you are satisfied with!

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