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CIARRA Aluminum Grease Filter for Cooker Hood (260 x 319mm),1pc

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€19,99 EUR
  • Suitable for cooker hood models:
    CBCS6506B-OW, CBCB6506B-OW, CBCS6201-OW, CBCB6201-OW,  CBCW6736N-OW, CBCB6736N-OW, CBCS9301-OW, CBCS9102-OW
  • Aluminium layers grease filter: The grease filter protects your hood by capturing grease particles. Regular replacement of the grease filter allows keeping the filtering system performance very high as well as appliance long life and proper operation.
  • Dishwasher washable, clean it every 3-7 days with mild detergent. The cleaning time period can be adjusted according to actual usage.
€19,99 EUR
  • SKU Model: AL260319
  • Installation Kit includes 1 Aluminum Grease Filter
  • The 5 layers aluminum grease filter helps the cooker hood to filter out grease and keeps your kitchen fresh and clean, it ensures that your cooker hood can run properly, and is dishwasher safe.

    Suitable for cooker hood models:CBCS6506B-OW, CBCB6506B-OW, CBCS6201-OW,
    CBCB6201-OW, CBCW6736N-OW, CBCB6736N-OW, CBCS9301-OW, CBCS9102-OW

    Dishwasher safe, clean it every 3-7 days with mild detergent. The cleaning frequency can be adjusted according to your actual usage.

    Brand CIARRA
    Item model number AL260319
    Product Dimensions 260mm x319mm
    Suitable for Island Hood CBCS6506B-OW, CBCB6506B-OW, CBCS6201-OW, CBCB6201-OW,  CBCW6736N-OW, CBCB6736N-OW, CBCS9301-OW, CBCS9102-OW
    Colour Silver
    Material Aluminum
    Aluminum Grease Filter
    CIARRA Aluminum Grease Filter for Cooker Hood (260 x 319mm),1pc
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